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Our PASSION is good coffee!

We will not tolerate bitter-tasting coffee due to becoming too old. You may
ask how do we get the freshest, best tasting coffee to you?

It is simple… but the big coffee companies cannot do it.

We roast coffee as you order it rather than mass producing the coffee to sit
on a shelf.

We use the best green products. We buy organic coffee beans and make sure
that the green coffee is fresh from the farmer. You will be shocked to know
that some green beans are two years old before they even get to the roasting

We roast and send you our products within a week, sooner if possible.

Lastly, and very importantly, is cost. If you buy from the big coffee companies in the grocery store, you will see the price is $14.00 a pound and up. They encourage you to buy 12 OZ packages at the same price as a full pound. We are committed to always keeping all our products at a fair price. We just don’t believe in trying to overcharge our valued customers. We believe in building and keeping long-term business relationships not a one-time sale.

As a good cup of coffee has always kept our family close, we are committed to giving you coffee that you will find the same comfort in sharing with family and friends.
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